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Our terms and conditions refer to orders made under the Act Tunisian setting conditions for conducting activities related to organizing and selling travel or stays. We can provide the buyer upon request a copy of the relevant articles which also appear on our websites. Registration for one of our travel implies full acceptance of our terms of sale that the customer has previously accessed and all the terms of the proposal. Any exception to the client bring no innovation to these conditions. The total or partial invalidity of any clause of the General Conditions shall not constitute revocation of their remaining provisions. Our sales conditions are attached to applications for registration, and invoices are available on our website. The text can also be obtained on request to the company headquarters.

Our offers are subject to availability at time of registration. Our application form and our descriptions are valid prior information unless prior sale, whose terms will lapse for lack of signature within 24 hours after its issuance.
PRICES: Our prices are in Tunisian Dinars and Euro per person based on exchange rates prevailing on the date of the offer or issue. They must be checked upon entry. They do not include: Any government taxes not in effect at the date of registration, the supplementary insurance to our liability as described below, airport taxes, visa fees, personal expenses (beverages, supplements, laundry, telephone, fax, security for the loan of various equipment ,...) excess baggage, bail, charges or penalties incurred as a result of contravention of the laws of the countries concerned, excursions not mentioned in the inscription, tips and generally any service not specifically included in the registration form.
The journey times are given in days Tunis to Tunis, including the day of departure (from the time of invitation to the airport) and arrived back at whatever the hourly time transport and the number of nights actually spent on site. The duration of benefits land can be modified for transport reasons or due to force majeure without giving rise to compensation or reimbursement.

We reserve the right to revise our prices in case of significant increase in transport costs, fees, insurance, taxes and exchange rates between the day of registration to departure. The review would take place only in passing the extra cost it incurs.

It is possible to travel or stay the same, our participants have paid different prices. Customers who paid the regular rate shall in no event receive a retroactive refund.
CAUTION, the discounts are not combined with any other promotional offer.

Registration is effective upon signature by the customer subject to availability has not disappeared in the meantime. This entry requires immediate payment of 100% of the total. Are not regarded as full debt: the awarding of a no credit card until the agreement of the center is not obtained, or a check as it is not charged unless cashier's check, a money order as we were not able to cash or transferred prior to confirmation of our bank. The balance is payable no later than 30 days before departure without reminders from us in the conditions of the deposit, otherwise we would be entitled to terminate the contract without the buyer can claim the refund of his deposit nor any compensation. In this case the cancellation will be considered at the initiative of the buyer.

According to international practice, the rooms are made available, local exceptions, 13 am to noon, whatever the time of arrival and departure. We reserve the right to technical reasons, force majeure or due to third parties to replace the hotel provided a facility of the same class. Our prices are contract rates. It is therefore impossible to consider certain promotional rates charged on site at certain times, accordingly, we do not take into account any claim or refund. The descriptions are made with care, nevertheless they have no contractual value and we can not be held responsible for changes made in the meantime. The number of meals depends on the number of nights spent in hotels.
The full board starts with dinner the first night and ends with lunch from last night.
Half board includes breakfast and one meal per day (usually dinner). Drinks are included only when specifically mentioned. These meals can be provided both during a flight on the carrier, during a trip to a local restaurant, a picnic or accommodation stage. Children under 2 years do not have adult bed in hotels. The rooms "double share" are offered subject to a person willing to share. If a single room supplement should be acquitted.

For any cancellation by the customer, the repaid occurs only in cases of force majeure. In this case, the hotel is committed to reschedule your reservation for the same conditions at a later date depending on availability.

We agreed with the Tunisian insurer "MAGHREBIA" an insurance contract No. 29-017082 ensuring the financial consequences of our professional liability. We recommend our customers to take out additional insurance.
Any claims relating will be handled directly with the companies concerned. We want to provide our customers request the full policy conditions.

Any claim relating to a trip or a stay must be received and at the service provider concerned, no later than 30 days after the date originally scheduled for late delivery, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. It is clear that any claim be made by fax, telephone, regular mail, e-mail or other means, be made out of time, or not made with the providers involved or if applicable, will be taken into account . In case of dispute the Courts of Médnine will be competent.

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